Unparalleled Virtual Reality

The VRTS © training tool stands out from others thanks to its level of realism.

Full ballistic simulation

In VRTS © virtual reality, the thickness, density and malleability of the materials of each object in the environment as well as the caliber and speed of the ammunition in flight are taken into account to calculate

Each ammunition fired in VRTS undergoes more than a hundred physical ballistics calculations to derive the full trajectory.

The falling ball
Shards of ammunition.

Realistic weapons

The physical weapons used in VRTS © are almost perfect replicas of real weapons. We have taken great care to ensure that the weight, grip and trigger tail pressing are as identical as possible to your service weapon. This allows you to have an excellent feeling of reactions related to the firearm.

Each VRTS © weapon replica is calibrated to the nearest micrometer. This means that the ammunition fired is ultra-precise. The maximum offset between where you shoot and where the virtual ammunition arrives is below 1mm for target shooting at 50m.

Realistic places

The places are reproduced realistically. This realism allows you to immerse yourself in the training situation and have a good orientation in these environments.
Digital humans with realistic reactions
Some VRTS training modules use digital humans. These digital humans have realistic tactical behavior.

Optimized to reduce any effects of discomfort, dizziness and nausea

Virtual Reality technology can have nauseating effects if certain steps are overlooked. In VRTS, we use the latest in virtual reality technology to minimize discomfort or nausea. You have no discomfort of spatial perception or dizziness