Police training with Virtual Reality : TOTAL IMMERSION.


Immersion in Virtual Reality results in memorisation superior to other types of learning.


VRTS © training costs less than firing range training (no travel, preparation or ammunition needed).


The VRTS © device is easy to deploy and lightweight to transport.

Police training in Virtual Reality.

The training of law enforcement officials is a priority! It requires time, personnel, infrastructure, risk analyzes,… certainly hours of preparation! VRTS © brings you the solution! A staff trained on a daily basis with optimal performance! Simple or complex situation, alone or in a team … VRTS © is the tool for high-level pedagogy constantly adapted to changes in life!

Training SAFE (“doing dangerous training in safe places”)

Society is changing very quickly, with more violence and stress. Current training methods cannot keep up with this rapid development.


The police instructor or police learners can choose the level of difficulty of the situations they will face. Thus, you can adapt the training to the level of knowledge and experience of the learners. Thanks to this adaptable level of difficulty, VRTS © is suitable both for aspiring police officers who are taking their first steps in field training and for elite response forces.


VRTS © is an educational tool that allows training alone, in pairs, in three and more … Even in force against force. All stakeholders are placed in the same situation. At this point, in addition to technique, communication, drills, synchronizations and much more


VRTS © has been designed to avoid all dangers! The weaponry is specific is adapted (impossible to use real weaponry). The physical and working environment is known (clean safe, good climatic condition). Analyzes of risks, external sites and means of protection are no longer necessary.


VRTS © is a close collaboration with field specialists. From instructor to novice learner to super specialists. All our situations are the result of their feedback.


The VRTS © device is easy to deploy and light to transport.


VRTS © has the ability to measure the performance of learners. You can view them and keep them in the form of results tables. This allows you to track the progress of your learners quantitatively.

Increase in your professional capacities.

Immersion in Virtual Reality gives greater memorization than other forms of learning. It’s like you’re in a situation on the ground. VRTS © has been designed to be as close as possible to real practice. Except that you are safe on your premises.

Virtual reality offers an immersion closer to reality. Training in such conditions develops skills in a deeper way. Real training with the simplest implementation, and this on your premises.

It aims to improve professional capacities and to better prepare for various stressful situations which are difficult to reproduce with the usual didactic means.

Cost savings

VRTS © is the complement to develop and strengthen skills bases

  • Optimal yield: the material is specific and already ready
  • Minimizes supervisory staff
  • No need for specific infrastructure
  • No travel
  • Safe and comfortable working environment

Very wide variety of exercises

VRTS © offers multiple environments. All achievable by day, by night, blue light effect with 1 random placement of “Targets”. Each achievement is different!

Increased development of analytical and adaptive capacities.

Real feedback and coaching tool

  • By the autonomy of the concept, the instructor can be focused on the technical achievement of the learners.
  • Correction of shooting positions
  • Correction of placements and displacements
  • Analysis of the results
  • And more

The instructor can follow the full action as it happens in the practice simulation. This allows the instructor to coach agents either live or after action. Facilitated feedback and coaching for the instructor means better trained agents.