Why Choose VRTS

VRTS was born from the observation of a paradox in the field of Security and Defense : the best field operators are revealed and molded in the field. This means that if you want to train the best operators in the world, you need to risk their lives. This means that, to train the best operators in the world, a country must not pay in dollars or euros. A country must pay in human lives.

At VRTS, we strongly believe that this paradox can be solved. We believe that field experience can be acquired without risking the life of your people. We believe that field experience can be acquired by life-like virtual field training. And we made that belief a reality.

VRTS has unique selling points that brings it on top of other existing solutions.

VRTS has been completely rebuilt from the ground up in 2020. This means that all of the Virtual Reality hardware, all of the Simulation Logic, the entire Networking layer, and all of the 3D rendering pipeline are entirely bleeding edge. Virtual Reality is a lightning-fast evolving technology. This means that when you compare VR hardware from 2017 and VR hardware from 2020, there is a world of difference. By choosing VRTS, you choose the latest of the latest. By choosing VRTS, you choose the best that Virtual Reality has to offer.
VRTS is considered to have an infinite amount of content. By giving tactical trainers a complete editing tool allowing them to define their own building layouts and their own scenario’s inside these layouts, there is no limit as to the amount of training you can do with VRTS.
VRTS is a company that focuses on Professional Tactical Training. We do not dilute our focus by working simultaneously on gaming or entertainment projects. This laser-like focus gives us the credibility that is needed when working with other professionals who dedicate their lives to Security, Safety and Defense. Furthermore, this laser-like focus on Security and Defense gives us the headspace required to design and build the best possible training ; without any second agendas.
Our level of Focus is a competitive disadvantage for VRTS. Indeed, being focused on building the best Security and Defence Virtual Reality training tool, VRTS is less active than its competitors on marketing and sales. We make less marketing videos, we write less blog posts on social media, we appear less in the press. That is a disadvantage that we accept. Our clients and our partners don’t buy videos nor articles in the press from us. They buy the best possible solution to their biggest problems in use-of-force training.
VRTS not only integrates the key tactical components to make it a great professional training tool, VRTS also contains the Culture of Security and Defense. VRTS has been built from the accumulated experience of intervention operators with many years of on-the-field experience.
VRTS regards Tactical Training with the most extreme level of seriousness. At VRTS, we are conscious that lack or errors of training immediately translates to loss of human life. Tactical trainers have the highest level of personal responsibility towards their trainees, their colleagues and their country. Being providers of a training tool, we share this responsibility deep in our hearts.
Lastly, we, at VRTS, regard our work with humility and self-consciousness. While we are working on the edge of what Simulation Training can offer, we stay conscious of the fact that our virtual training will never be as life-like as real life itself. We stay conscious that some parts of tactical training cannot be virtualized yet.

Many people will tell you that you can do anything in their training simulators. That they can train everything, that their training system is flawless, that their simulators will craft the next generation of invincible, ready-for-anything soldiers. At VRTS, we will never tell you such things.

We will never tell you such things because we do not believe so. We believe that some parts of tactical training cannot be reproduced yet by simulation training. We are deeply conscious of this.

We believe that having less training features that teaches the good things is better than having more training features that teaches the wrong things.

We believe that simulation training is an amazing tool because you can train any operator on any situation. And at the same time, we are conscious that simulation training is dangerous for the trainees. Training in a simulation gives bad personal safety habits. Training in a simulation can give your trainees a feeling of being invulnerable.

Therefore, we take immense care in making sure that people training in our simulators never overestimate their own human capabilities. And that they never under-estimate the enemy.

If you have to explain in just a few words why choose VRTS and not another training solution, know this.
Know that VRTS is a company of Focus and Humility.